Divine HYBRID Technology

The only Hybrid NFT available in three forms
Total SUPPLY 100.000.000 $RHO

1.000 $RHO
40.000 pNFTs
10.000 $RHO
3.000 pNFTs
100.000 $RHO
80 pNFTs


CA: Trhor7npQLca4DFiUWR9vJCAw1je2zghSbwh37nW81i
First Mover
We have created a new standard for Hybrid DeFi called pspl20, developed on Metaplex inscriptions.
Hybrid NFTs are the future, allowing you to invest in both non-fungible assets and fungible assets, thus opening up the possibility of utilizing all the technologies currently available on the blockchain.
Rho is a token launchpad, holders will benefit from our tokenomics as well as from the activities on the platform.
with every sell and swap, the strength of the project increases. The benefits of a platform like ours are limitless.

RHO has always existed
it was simply waiting to be discovered